Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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ESk Geisl 62VII/7 — vinr ‘the friend’

Bíðr allskonar œðri
— øruggt mælik þat — sælu
dýrðar váttr með dróttni
dyggr, an þjóð of hyggi,
þvít lausnara lýsir
(liðs valdr) numinn aldri
vinr (firði sik synðum)
slík verk á jarðríki.

Dyggr váttr dýrðar bíðr með dróttni allskonar sælu, œðri an þjóð of hyggi — øruggt mælik þat —, þvít vinr lausnara, numinn aldri, lýsir slík verk á jarðríki; valdr liðs firði sik synðum.

The valiant witness of glory [MARTYR] experiences with the Lord all kinds of blessedness, higher than people can imagine — I say that fearlessly —, because the friend of the Saviour [SAINT], taken from life, proclaims such works in the earthly kingdom; the ruler of men kept himself from sin.


[7] vinr: so Bb, langvinr Flat


[5, 6] vinr lausnara ‘the friend of the Saviour’: ‘Friend of God’ is one of Einarr’s favourite periphrases for Óláfr. Cf. langvinr lausnara st. 68/1-2; also sts 9/6-8, 63/1-4 and 64/8. Flat reads langvinr (l.7), but this would produce an unmetrical l.




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