Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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ESk Geisl 61VII/2 — lamins ‘lame’

Leyfðrs, sás lét of stýfðrar
lamins fótar, gramr, njóta
ítran þegn sem augna
út stunginna ok tungu.
Hǫnd Óláfs vann heilan
hreins gǫrvallra meina
(gǫr munu gjǫld, þeims byrja)
guðs þræl (ǫfugmæli).

Leyfðrs gramr, sás lét ítran þegn njóta lamins fótar sem út stunginna augna ok of stýfðrar tungu. Hǫnd hreins Óláfs vann guðs þræl heilan gǫrvallra meina; gǫr munu gjǫld, þeims byrja ǫfugmæli.

Praised is the king who let the excellent man enjoy his lame leg, as well as his stabbed-out eyes and cut-off tongue. The hand of pure Óláfr healed God’s servant [PRIEST] of all his injuries; ample will be the payments for those who spread slander.


[2] lamins: lamiðs Bb



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