Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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ESk Geisl 59VII/7 — hætt ‘a dangerous’

Lustu sundr á sandi
seggs marglitendr eggja
(hǫrð grœr fjón af fyrða)
fót (aldrtrega rótum);
ok prest, þeirs lǫg lestu
líknar krǫfð, ór hǫfði
hætt mál vas þat — heila
himintungl firar stungu.

Marglitendr eggja lustu sundr seggs fót á sandi; hǫrð fjón grœr af rótum aldrtrega fyrða; ok firar, þeirs lestu lǫg, líknar krǫfð, stungu himintungl heila ór hǫfði prest; þat vas hætt mál.

Frequent-stainers of blades [WARRIORS = Einarr and Andréas] broke the man’s leg on the beach; hard hatred grows from the roots of the lifelong sorrows of men; and men, those who broke the law, from which mercy was demanded, struck the heavenly bodies of the brain [EYES] from the head of the priest; that was a dangerous undertaking.



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