Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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ESk Geisl 57VII/6 — lofi ‘with praise’

Nús oss, þaus vann vísir,
verk fyr þjóð at merkja
nauðr í nýjum óði,
næst; ríðrat þat smæstu.
Krapt skulum guðs, en er giptu,
gunnstyrks lofi dýrka,
lér hjaldrfrǫmum hôrar
heims læknir gram þeima.

Nús oss nauðr at merkja fyr þjóð í nýjum óði verk, þaus vísir vann næst; ríðrat þat smæstu. Skulum dýrka lofi krapt gunnstyrks guðs, en er læknir heims lér hôrar giptu þeima hjaldrfrǫmum gram.

Now it is a necessity for us [me] to make known to people, in new poetry, the deeds which the king accomplished next; that is not least important. We should honour with praise the power of the battle-strong God, for is the healer of the world [= God] grants great fortune to the battle-prominent king.



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