Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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ESk Geisl 51VII/7 — dýrð ‘fame’

Tôkn gerir bjǫrt, þaus birta
brandél á Girklandi,
— mál finnsk of þat mǫnnum —
margþarfr Haralds arfi.
Fregnk, at allt (né ógnar
innendr, meguð finna)
dýrð Óláfs ríðr dála
dagræfrs (konung hæfra).

Haralds margþarfr arfi gerir bjǫrt tôkn, þaus brandél birta á Girklandi; mál finnsk mǫnnum of þat. Fregnk, at Óláfs dýrð ríðr allt dála dagræfrs, né meguð, innendr ógnar, finna hæfra konung.

Haraldr’s very useful heir [= Óláfr] makes clear signs, which sword-showers [BATTLES] manifest in Greece; talk arises among men about that. I hear that Óláfr’s fame rides all across the day-roof [SKY/HEAVEN]; you, doers of battle, will not be able to find a more worthy king.



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