Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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ESk Geisl 47VII/3 — gunnar ‘of battle’

Gyrðisk hála herðum
heldr síðarla á kveldi
glaumkennandi gunnar
glaðr véttrima* naðri.
Drengr réð dýrr á vangi
— dagr rofnaðisk — sofna
ítrs landreka undir
ógnfimr berum himni.

Glaðr glaumkennandi gunnar gyrðisk hála herðum naðri véttrima* heldr síðarla á kveldi. Dýrr ógnfimr drengr ítrs landreka réð sofna á vangi undir berum himni; dagr rofnaðisk.

The happy noise-tester of battle [WARRIOR] girded himself with the well-hardened snake of sword-rings [SWORD] rather late in the evening. The valuable, battle-deft soldier of the splendid land-ruler [= Byzantine emperor] decided to sleep in a field in the open air [lit. under the bare sky]; the day was waning.


[3] gunnar: ‘grimo’ Bb




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