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Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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ESk Geisl 45VII/7 — allt ‘all’

Nú fremr, þanns gaf gumnum,
gǫfug dyrð jǫfur fyrða,
(slǫng Eindriði ungi)
armglœðr (í brag rœðu).
Greitt má gumnum létta
guðs ríðari stríðum;
rǫskr þiggr allt, sem œskir,
Óláfr af gram sólar.

Nú fremr gǫfug dyrð jǫfur fyrða, þanns gaf gumnum armglœðr; Eindriði ungi slǫng rœðu í brag. Guðs ríðari má greitt létta stríðum gumnum; rǫskr Óláfr þiggr allt, sem œskir, af gram sólar.

Now excellent fame promotes the prince of men [= Óláfr], the one who gave men arm-embers [GOLD]; Eindriði ungi (‘the Young’) cast the story into the poem. God’s knight [SAINT = Óláfr] can easily alleviate afflictions for men; brave Óláfr gets all he desires from the king of the sun [= God].


[5-8] abbrev. as ‘G’ Flat    [5, 6, 7, 8] Greitt gumnum létta guðs ríðari stríðum rǫskr þiggr allt sem œskir Óláfr af gram sólar: ‘Greitt· m· g· l·’ Bb



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