Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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ESk Geisl 29VII/7 — víf ‘women’

Lét jarplitan ôtu
(arnar jóðs) inn góði
(munn rauð malmþings kennir)
Magnús Hugins fagna.
Hrætt varð folk á flótta
— frôn beit egg — at leggja;
sorg biðu víf, en vargar,
vinðversk, of hræ ginðu.

Magnús inn góði lét jarplitan fagna ôtu Hugins; kennir malmþings rauð munn arnar jóðs. Hrætt folk varð at leggja á flótta; frôn egg beit; vinðversk víf biðu sorg, en vargar ginðu of hræ.

Magnús the Good made the brown-coloured one rejoice with the food of Huginn <raven> [CORPSES]; the tester of the weapon-meeting [BATTLE > WARRIOR] reddened the mouth of the eagle’s offspring. The frightened army had to take to flight; the sharp blade bit; Wendish women experienced sorrow, and wolves gaped over carrion.



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