Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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ESk Geisl 25VII/4 — strætis ‘of the street’

Tolf mônuðr vas týnir
tandrauðs huliðr sandi
fremðar lystr ok fasta
fimm nætr vala strætis,
áðr an upp ór víðu
ulfs nistanda kistu
dýrr lét dróttinn harra
dáðmilds koma láði.

Lystr fremðar týnir tandrauðs fasta strætis vala vas huliðr sandi tolf mônuðr ok fimm nætr, áðr an dýrr dróttinn harra lét kistu dáðmilds nistanda ulfs koma upp ór víðu láði.

Desirous of fame, the destroyer of the flame-red fire of the street of hawks [ARM > GOLD > GENEROUS MAN] was covered with sand for twelve months and five nights, before the dear lord of princes [= God] caused the coffin of the good-performing feeder of the wolf [WARRIOR = Óláfr] to come up out of the wide land.



case: gen.


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