Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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ESk Geisl 15VII/3 — drótt ‘the court’

Fregit hefk satt, at sagði
snjallri ferð, áðr berðisk
drótt nýtr dǫglings máttar —
draum sinn konungr Rauma.
Stiga sá standa fagran
stjórnar fimr til himna
— rausn dugir hans at hrósa —
Hǫrða gramr af jǫrðu.

Hefk fregit satt, at konungr Rauma sagði snjallri ferð draum sinn, áðr berðisk; drótt nýtr dǫglings máttar. Gramr Hǫrða, fimr stjórnar, sá fagran stiga standa af jǫrðu til himna; dugir at hrósa rausn hans.

I have heard truly that the king of the Raumar [= Óláfr] told the clever band his dream before they fought; the court enjoys the prince’s might. The king of the Hǫrðar [= Óláfr], adept at leadership, saw a beautiful ladder ascending from earth to the heavens; it is fitting to praise his greatness.



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