Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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ESk Geisl 1VII/1 — óð ‘poetry’

Eins má óð ok bœnir
— alls ráðanda ins snjalla
vels fróðr, sás getr góða —
guðs þrenning mér kenna.
Gǫfugt ljós boðar geisli
gunnǫflugr miskunnar
— ágætan býðk ítrum
Óláfi brag — sólar,

Þrenning eins guðs má kenna mér óð ok bœnir; vels fróðr, sás getr góða ins snjalla ráðanda alls. Gunnǫflugr geisli sólar miskunnar boðar gǫfugt ljós — býðk ágætan brag ítrum Óláfi

The Trinity of one God can teach me poetry and prayers; he is indeed wise who gets the goodwill of the eloquent ruler of all [= God > = God > = God]. The battle-strong beam of the sun of mercy [= God > = Christ/Óláfr] proclaims a splendid light — I offer the excellent poem to glorious Óláfr —,


[1] óð: so Bb, A, orð Flat, W


[1] óð ‘poetry’: From the point of view of meaning, orð ‘words’ is as good a reading as óð ‘poetry’, but óð assonates nicely with the syllables containing vowel + <ð> in ll. 2, 3, 4, 5 and 7.


case: acc.
number: sg.


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