Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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ESk Eystdr 1II/7 — gaf ‘surrendered’

Vôru sogns með sára
syni Maddaðar staddir
mágrenni (fekksk) manna
(máttigr) tigir átta.
Þrimr skútum tók þreytir
þann jarl drasils hranna;
hraustr gaf hræskúfs nistir
hǫfuð sitt frǫmum jǫfri.

Átta tigir manna vôru staddir með sogns sára mágrenni, syni Maddaðar; máttigr fekksk. Þrimr skútum tók þreytir drasils hranna þann jarl; hraustr nistir hræskúfs gaf frǫmum jǫfri hǫfuð sitt.

Eighty men were stationed with the feeder of the seagull of the fjord of wounds [(lit. ‘seagull-feeder of the fjord of wounds’) BLOOD > RAVEN/EAGLE > WARRIOR], Maddaðr’s son [= Haraldr]; the mighty one was captured. With three ships the tester of the steed of waves [SHIP > SEAFARER] seized that jarl; the bold feeder of the carrion-skua [RAVEN/EAGLE > WARRIOR] surrendered his head to the outstanding prince.


[7, 8] gaf frǫmum jǫfri hǫfuð sitt ‘surrendered his head to the outstanding prince’: Haraldr had to redeem his head with three marks of gold.



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