Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Anon (MErl) 1II/4 — jarl ‘jarl’

Ǫnundr kvazk eigi mundu
við orrostu kosta,
fyrr an sunnan siglði
Sigurðr jarl með húskarla.
Mjǫk fara Magnúss rekkar
mætir upp á stræti,
en Hôkonar haukar
hart skunduðu undan.

Ǫnundr kvazk eigi mundu kosta við orrostu, fyrr an Sigurðr jarl siglði sunnan með húskarla. Mætir rekkar Magnúss fara mjǫk upp á stræti, en haukar Hôkonar skunduðu hart undan.

Ǫnundr said he would not engage in battle until Sigurðr jarl sailed from the south with the housecarls. Magnús’s splendid men are rushing up the street, but Hákon’s hawks hurried away quickly.


[4] jarl: om. H


[3] Sigurðr jarl: Sigurðr Hávarðsson was appointed jarl by Hákon herðibreiðr. On this occasion, he was lying with his fleet near the Götaälv (in present-day south-western Sweden) and was not aware that Erlingr and his troops were attacking Tønsberg. Sigurðr died in the battle of Ramnes (Ré), Vestfold, on 20 February 1163.



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