Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Anon (Ólkyrr) 2II/4 — trúi ‘believe’

Segr vetrgǫmul,         — veit ekki sú —
ok tvévetr segr,         — trúik eigi at heldr —
en þrévetr segr,         — þykkira mér glíkligt —
kveðr mik róa        á merar hǫfði,
en þik, konungr,         þjóf míns féar!

Vetrgǫmul segr—sú veit ekki—, ok tvévetr segr—trúik eigi at heldr—, en þrévetr segr—þykkira mér glíkligt—, kveðr mik róa á hǫfði merar, en þik, konungr, þjóf féar míns!

The one-year-old says—she knows nothing—, and the two-year-old says—I don’t believe it either—, but the three-year-old says—it doesn’t seem likely to me—, she claims I’m rocking on a mare’s head, and that you, king, are the thief of my property!



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