Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Anon Sól 55VII/3 — saman ‘together’

Sólar hjört        leit ek sunnan fara;
        hann teymðu tveir saman;
fætr hans        stóðu foldu á,
        en tóku horn til himins.

Ek leit hjört sólar fara sunnan; tveir saman teymðu hann; fætr hans stóðu á foldu, en horn tóku til himins.

I saw the hart of the sun journey from the south; two together had bridled him; his feet stood on the earth, and his horns reached to heaven.


[3] tveir saman teymðu hann ‘two together had bridled him’: The two are usually thought to be the other persons of the Trinity (so Falk). Björn M. Ólsen (1915, 52) argues that Christ (hann) is the subject of the cl., that the m. nom. tveir ‘two’ may be a misunderstanding of the roman numeral ii (= tvá, m. acc.) in the original ms., and that the hart is driving Glævaldr and the vánardreki before him. He therefore emends teymðu 3rd pers. pl. pret. to teymði 3rd pers. sg. pret. Amory (1990, 260) identifies the two with the prophets Isaiah and Daniel, released from Hell at the Harrowing, or with the two alleged authors of the Gospel of Nicodemus (Niðrst1).



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