Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Anon Sól 47VII/6 — samr ‘the same’

Öllum lengri        var sú in eina nótt,
        er ek lá stirðr á stráum;
þat merkir þat,        er guð mælti,
        at maðr er moldu samr.

Sú in eina nótt, er ek lá stirðr á stráum, var lengri öllum; þat merkir þat, er guð mælti, at maðr er moldu samr.

That one night, when I lay stiff on the straw, was longer than all; that demonstrates what God has spoken, that man is the same as earth.


[6] samr: so 738ˣ, 214ˣ, 10575ˣ, 2797ˣ, sami 166bˣ, sannr corrected from ‘samr’ papp15ˣ, sonr 1441ˣ


[6] samr ‘same’: 166bˣ has the weak form sami, as well as 6 other mss which follow it closely. Samr as in 738ˣ, 10575ˣ and 2797ˣ is grammatically correct. — [6] maðr er moldu samr ‘man is the same as earth’: Cf. Gen. III.19: quia pulvis es et in pulverem reverteris ‘for dust thou art and into dust thou shalt return’ and HómÍsl 1872, ch. 26. Similar sentiments are found in the ON and OIcel. Rune Poems for the letter M: maðr er moldar auki ‘man is the augmentation of earth’. It is likely that the sentiment is semi-proverbial.



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