Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Anon Sól 4VII/1 — drykk ‘drink’

Mat ok drykk        veitti hann, þeim er móðr var,
        alt af heilum hug;
guðs hann gáði,        góðu honum beindi,
        þvít hann hugðiz váligr vera.

Hann veitti mat ok drykk, þeim er móðr var, alt af heilum hug; hann gáði guðs, beindi honum góðu, þvít hann hugðiz vera váligr.

He offered food and drink to the one who was tired, all with a good intention; he paid heed to God, offered him good things, although he [the robber] realised he was wicked.


[1] drykk: drykkju papp15ˣ, 1441ˣ, 2797ˣ, drykkinn 167b 6ˣ



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