Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Anon Sól 39VII/2 — sanna ‘the true’

Sól ek sá        sanna dagstjörnu
        drjúpa dynheimum í;
en heljar grind        heyrða ek annan veg
        þjóta þungliga.

Ek sá sól, sanna dagstjörnu, drjúpa í dynheimum; en annan veg heyrða ek grind heljar þjóta þungliga.

I saw the sun, the true day-star, bow down in the noisy world; and in the other direction I heard the gate of Hell roaring weightily.


[2] sanna dagstjörnu: samað at stjörnu 738ˣ


[2] sanna dagstjörnu ‘true day-star’: cf. Rev. XXII.16: stella splendida et matitutina ‘the bright and morning star’. Lange 1958a, 188, 243-5 discusses the possibility of sun-worship among early Icel. settlers; see also Amory 1985, 5-8; 1990, 255-6 for extensive discussion of the sol salutis ‘the sun of salvation’ and the sol iustitiae ‘the sun of justice’ in Carolingian and later theology.



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