Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Anon Sól 32VII/3 — sjau ‘seven’

Vinsamlig ráð        ok viti bundin
        kenni ek þér sjau saman;
görla þau mun        ok glata aldri;
        öll eru þau nýt at nema.

Ek kenni þér sjau ráð saman, vinsamlig ok bundin viti; mun þau görla ok glata aldri; þau eru öll nýt at nema.

I teach you seven counsels in all, friendly and bound with wit; remember them fully and never forget them; they are all useful to learn.


[3] sjau ‘seven’: A number with Christian associations, contrasting with the nine fimbulljóð ‘mighty spells’ of Óðinn in Hávm 140. For pagan and Christian number symbolism in Sól see Tate 1985, 1031 and more generally Laugesen 1959. The seven counsels are given in sts 25-32.



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