Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Anon Sól 20VII/3 — er ‘when’

Svá honum gafz        Sörla inum góðráða,
        þá er hann lagði á vald hans Vígolfs;
tryggliga hann trúði,        en hinn at tálum varð,
        sínum bróðurbana.

Svá gafz honum Sörla inum góðráða, þá er hann lagði á vald hans Vígolfs; hann trúði sínum bróðurbana tryggliga, en hinn varð at tálum.

So it turned out for Sörli the well-meaning, when he put the matter in Vígolfr’s power; he trusted securely in his brother’s killer, but that man engaged in deceit.


[3] er: om. 214ˣ



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