Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Anon Sól 19VII/3 — þótt ‘though’

Óvinum þínum        trú þú aldrigi,
        þótt fagrt mæli fyr þér;
góðu þú heit;        gótt er annars
        víti hafa at varnaði.

Trú þú aldrigi óvinum þínum, þótt mæli fagrt fyr þér; heit þú góðu; gótt er hafa annars víti at varnaði.

Never trust your enemies, though they speak fair words to you; promise good things; it is good to have another’s punishment as a warning.


[3] þótt: om. 167b 6ˣ


[3] þótt fagrt mæli fyr þér ‘though they speak fair words to you’: The l. requires alliteration on <f>, not <þ>. Most eds regularise (so Skj B, Skald) by using the more archaic form of the prep. fyrir (which receives full stress) and deleting þér. For the sentiment, cf. Hsv 42/2-3: þótt fagrt mæli | þarftu eigi þeim at trúa ‘though they speak well, you need not trust in them’.



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