Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Anon Sól 1VII/6 — kvikr ‘alive’

Fé ok fjörvi        rænti fyrða kind
        sá inn grimmi greppr;
yfir þá götu,        er hann varðaði,
        mátti enginn kvikr komaz.

Sá inn grimmi greppr rænti kind fyrða fé ok fjörvi; enginn mátti komaz kvikr yfir þá götu, er hann varðaði.

The fierce man stole property and life from the offspring of men; no one might pass alive over that road which he guarded.


[6] kvikr: so all others, kviðr 166bˣ


[6] kvikr ‘alive’: This reading occurs in 62 mss; 166bˣ’s kviðr ‘belly, womb’, makes little sense in context.



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