Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Anon Pl 58VII/1 — vissi ‘know’

Né víghressa vissi
†vel… …is†
tírmildr tiggja þeira
— Trájánus
Óþǫrfu bað erfi
ítrstyrkr …
andrán Adriánus
ǫrva móts …

Trájánus …; né vissi tírmildr †vel… …is† þeira víghressa tiggja. Ítrstyrkr Adriánus bað andrán … móts ǫrva óþǫrfu erfi …

Trajan …; the gloriously merciful … did not know … of their battle-zealous prince. The magnificently powerful Hadrian gave orders that the death … of the meeting of arrows [BATTLE > WARRIOR?] … with a harmful funeral feast …



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