Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Anon Pl 53VII/7 — af ‘by’

frá þvís friðgin, nýja,
fjǫgur endr, síz trú kenndu,
ráð ór Rúmsborg víðri
… mœðila flœðu.
Ok bjartglóða beiðir
bragðvíss gripinn sagðisk
frár af frœknu dýri
flóðs, en vargr tók bróður.

frá þvís fjǫgur friðgin endr mœðila flœðu … ráð ór víðri Rúmsborg, síz kenndu nýja trú. Ok bragðvíss frár beiðir bjartglóða flóðs sagðisk gripinn af frœknu dýri, en vargr tók bróður.

about how the four, parents [and children], once fled with difficulty from their … circumstances from the great city of Rome, after they embraced the new faith. And the plucky, agile demander of the bright embers of the flood [GOLD > MAN] described himself being taken by a fierce beast, and [how] a wolf took his brother.



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