Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Anon Pl 5VII/4 — sóttu ‘had’

Ok bæði hjú blíðan
byskups fund — at mundum
þeim hykk þrifn kómu —
þá nótt með veg sóttu,
ok tveir með þeim þeira
— þýðr gaf lærdóms prýðir
hǫldum hilmis foldar
hirðnǫfn — synir skírðusk.

Ok bæði hjú sóttu þá nótt blíðan fund byskups með veg — hykk þrifn kómu þeim at mundum — ok tveir synir þeira skírðusk með þeim; þýðr prýðir lærdóms gaf hǫldum foldar hilmis hirðnǫfn.

And both husband and wife had that night a gracious reception from the bishop with honour — I think good fortune came within their grasp — and their two sons were baptised with them; the kindly adorner of learning [BISHOP] gave the men names of the court of the ruler of the earth [(lit. ‘court-names of the ruler of the earth’) = God > HEAVEN].



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