Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Anon Pl 49VII/5 — ýtis ‘launcher’

Hyrgildir … hvíldar
hrafnvíns liði sínu;
garpr bauð þ… í þorpi
þingveljǫndum dveljask.
Létu of eins hvers ýtis
apaldrgarð brimis kapla
lundar búðum lýðar
lungs umbhverfis slungit.

Hrafnvíns hyr-gildir … liði sínu hvíldar; garpr bauð þ… þingveljǫndum dveljask í þorpi. Lýðar lundar lungs létu búðum slungit umbhverfis of apaldrgarð eins hvers ýtis kapla brimis.

The appraiser of the fire of raven-wine [BLOOD > SWORD > WARRIOR] … his men rest; the champion bade the choosers of the assembly of þ… [(lit. ‘assembly-choosers of þ…’) BATTLE > WARRIORS] stay in a village. The troops of the tree of the ship [SEAFARER] pitched camp around the orchard of a certain launcher of the horses of the sea [SHIPS > SEAFARER].



case: gen.


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