Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Anon Pl 48VII/5 — réðu ‘had’

Herferðar rak harðan
hyr-Þróttr í styr flótta
odda þings ok eyddi
eirlaust heruð þeira,
áðr fyr rán, þats réðu
randlinns stafar vinna,
gjald, sem goðs þegn vildi,
gjalfrhests metendr festu.

Odda þings hyr-Þróttr rak harðan flótta herferðar í styr ok eyddi eirlaust heruð þeira, áðr metendr gjalfrhests festu gjald, sem þegn goðs vildi, fyr rán, þats stafar randlinns réðu vinna.

The Þróttr <= Óðinn> of the fire of the assembly of spears [(lit. ‘fire-Þróttr of the assembly of spears’) BATTLE > SWORD > WARRIOR] vigorously pursued the retreat of the troops in battle and mercilessly harried their districts, until the appraisers of the sea-stallion [SHIP > SEAFARERS] fixed such compensation as God’s retainer [HOLY MAN] wished for the pillaging, which the staves of the shield-serpent [SWORD > WARRIORS] had committed.


[5] þats réðu: ‘þat[...]’ 673b, 673bÞH, ‘þat er reþo’(?) 673bSE, ‘þat es reþo’ 673bFJ



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