Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Anon Pl 47VII/8 — gr ‘the battle’

Hermanna fór hranna
hyrbrjótr liði at móti,
samr vas íkn at fremja
sik Plácitus, miklu.
Ógn stóð angrs af hegni;
ulfgœðendr þá flœðu;
þegn hlaut goðs fyr gagni —
gr háðisk vel — ráða.

Hranna hyrbrjótr fór at móti miklu liði hermanna; Plácitus vas samr at fremja sik íkn. Ógn stóð af hegni angrs; ulfgœðendr flœðu þá; þegn goðs hlaut ráða fyr gagni; gr háðisk vel.

The destroyer of the fire of the waves [(lit. ‘fire-destroyer of the waves’) GOLD > GENEROUS MAN] went to meet a great host of warriors; Plácitus was disposed to distinguish himself in battle. Menace issued from the suppressor of sin [HOLY MAN]; the wolf-feeders [WARRIORS] fled then; God’s retainer [HOLY MAN] was able to gain the victory; the battle was fought well.


[8] gr: ‘gavtr’ 673b



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