Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Anon Pl 4VII/6 — svǫr ‘answers’

Heim kom hodda geymir;
hagat … vel þvís sagði
viggþollr … dyggva
Vinnils konu sinni.
(Seims) kvað sér í draumi,
(svǫr veitti þau bǫrvi)
menreið mána slóðar
mjúklynd konung sýndan.

Geymir hodda kom heim; Vinnils viggþollr … vel hagat, þvís sagði konu sinni dyggva … Mjúklynd menreið kvað konung slóðar mána sýndan sér í draumi; veitti þau svǫr bǫrvi seims.

The keeper of hoards [MAN] came home; the tree of the horse of Vinnill <sea-king> [(lit. ‘the horse-tree of Vinnill’) SHIP > SEAFARER] … behaved well in telling his wife the excellent … The gentle necklace-bearer [WOMAN] said that the king of the path of the moon [SKY/HEAVEN > = God] had appeared to her in a dream; she gave these answers to the tree of gold [MAN].


[6] svǫr: ‘suaʀ’ 673b



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