Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Anon Pl 36VII/5 — leitaði ‘sought’

Værr tók vegs ins fyrra
viggfinnandi at minnask
sunds, þás sína kenndi
snarlundaðr húskarla.
Sér leitaði særir
seims huggunar beima
brátt í bœn af dróttni
bilstyggr, þás tók hryggvask.

Værr sunds viggfinnandi tók at minnask ins fyrra vegs, þás snarlundaðr kenndi húskarla sína. Bilstyggr særir seims leitaði sér brátt huggunar af dróttni beima í bœn, þás tók hryggvask.

The peace-loving provider of the horse of the sound [(lit. ‘the sound’s horse-provider’) SHIP > SEAFARER] began to remember his former glory, when the eager-minded one recognised his retainers. The delay-shunning harmer of gold [GENEROUS MAN] quickly sought for himself consolation from the lord of mankind [= God] in prayer, as he began to grow sad.


[5] leitaði: ‘[...]eitaþe’ 673b, 673bFJ, ‘. er aþe’ 673bÞH, ‘leitaþe’ 673bHE



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