Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Anon Pl 30VII/5 — leynði ‘concealed’

Ok til aumra rekka
atvinnu gaf Þvinnils
vigg-Baldr víðrar foldar
verkkaup, þats sér merkði.
Fast helt lundr ok leynði
linnvengis trú sinni
hlunndýrs heiðna runna
ttnæfr við goð sôttum,

Ok Þvinnils víðrar foldar vigg-Baldr gaf verkkaup, þats merkði sér, til atvinnu aumra rekka. Hôttnæfr lundr linnvengis helt fast sôttum við goð ok leynði trú sinni heiðna runna hlunndýrs,

And the Baldr <god> of the horse of the wide land of Þvinnill <sea-king> [(lit. ‘horse-Baldr of the wide land of Þvinnill’) SEA > SHIP > SEAFARER] gave the wages, which he had set aside for himself, for the support of poor men. The virtuous tree of the serpent-ground [GOLD > MAN] held fast to his agreements with God and concealed his faith from the heathen trees of the animal of the launching-roller [SHIP > SEAFARER],



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