Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Anon Pl 29VII/4 — skógi ‘the forest’

Morðsólar veik máli
meiðir; sinnar leiðar
gekk ramms hǫtuðr rekka
rógs í þorp ór skógi.
Menfergir vas margan
móthress í bœ þessum
vetr, ok vann til mætrar
vargnistir sér bjargar.

Meiðir morðsólar veik máli; hǫtuðr ramms rógs rekka gekk leiðar sinnar ór skógi í þorp. Móthress menfergir vas margan vetr í þessum bœ, ok vargnistir vann sér til mætrar bjargar.

The destroyer of the war-sun [SHIELD > WARRIOR] broke off his speech; the hater of the fierce strife of men [SIN > HOLY MAN] went his way from the forest into a village. The battle-fierce neckring-destroyer [GENEROUS MAN] was many a winter in that town and the wolf-feeder [WARRIOR] earned a good living.



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