Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Anon Pl 28VII/6 — gjafa ‘gifts of’

‘Gjaltat, goð, þótt mæltak,
(gagls leiðar) mér reiði,
(ítrs stillis þarfk allrar
eirar) þurftum fleira.
Sett fyr munn, alls minnumk,
minn, vingjafa þinna,
(veit oss várkunn) dróttinn,
varðhald (konungr aldar).’

‘Gjaltat mér reiði, goð, þótt mæltak þurftum fleira; þarfk allrar eirar ítrs stillis leiðar gagls. Sett varðhald fyr munn minn, dróttinn, alls minnumk þinna vingjafa; veit oss várkunn, konungr aldar.’

‘Do not repay me with anger, God, although I spoke more than is necessary; I need all the mercy of the glorious ruler of the path of the goose [SKY/HEAVEN > = God]. Set a watch before my mouth, Lord, since I remember your gifts of friendship; give us [me] pardon, king of mankind [= God].’


[6] ‑gjafa: ‘‑gia(f)a’(?) 673b, ‘‑giara’ or ‘‑giava’ 673bÞH, ‘‑giafa’ 673bFJ



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