Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Anon Pl 24VII/6 — lengi ‘for a long time’

Lifði halr, sás hafði
hranne*lds tekit svanna,
blótum gnœgðr, frá brigði
blíðum, fá vetr síðan.
Hús átti sér hættin
hǫrstrengs * at þat lengi
Jǫrð í aldingarði
ógntvist ok helt kristni.

Blótum gnœgðr halr, sás hafði tekit svanna frá blíðum brigði hranne*lds, lifði fá vetr síðan. Hættin Jǫrð hǫrstrengs átti sér lengi * at þat hús í aldingarði ok helt, ógntvist, kristni.

The man, steeped in heathen practices, who had taken the woman from the gentle breaker of the wave-fire [GOLD > GENEROUS MAN], lived few winters longer. The virtuous Jǫrð <goddess> of the linen-ribbon [WOMAN] owned for a long time after that a house in an orchard and kept [her] Christian faith, although muted by [impending] danger.



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