Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Anon Pl 21VII/5 — sœkja ‘to fetch’

Sinn bar of ô, þás annan,
ástvitjuðr, lét sitja,
hraustr erfingja, hristir
Hlakkar skins á bakka.
Ok þás annan sœkja
auðgildir son vildi,
stóð umb ok sásk síðan
sviðr þegn at ô miðri.

Ástvitjuðr bar erfingja sinn of ô, þás hraustr hristir skins Hlakkar lét annan sitja á bakka. Ok þás auðgildir vildi sœkja annan son, stóð sviðr þegn at miðri ô ok sásk síðan umb.

The seeker of love [HOLY MAN] carried his heir over the river, while the strong shaker of the gleam of Hlǫkk <valkyrie> [SWORD > WARRIOR] left the other sitting on the bank. And when the wealth-payer [GENEROUS MAN] wanted to fetch his other son, the wise man stopped in the middle of the river and then looked about him.



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