Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Anon Pl 17VII/5 — heggr ‘tree’

þás auðskiptis eptir
almilds konu dvalði
— væn leizk hodd-Gefn hônum —
hjǫrlundr á skæ sunda.
Hreins varð heggr við sína
hraustr, þás gekk af flausti,
auðar eiginbrúði
óviljandi at skiljask.

þás hjǫrlundr dvalði konu almilds auðskiptis eptir á skæ sunda; hodd-Gefn leizk hônum væn. Hraustr heggr hreins auðar varð óviljandi at skiljask við eiginbrúði sína, þás gekk af flausti.

when the sword-tree [WARRIOR] kept the wife of the most generous wealth-distributor [GENEROUS MAN] back on the horse of channels [SHIP]; the hoard-Gefn <= Freyja> [WOMAN] looked beautiful to him. The brave tree of shining wealth [MAN] had to part with his wife against his will, when he left the ship.


[5] heggr ‘tree’: The bird-cherry tree, prunus padus.



case: nom.


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