Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Anon Pl 14VII/2 — heima ‘at home’

‘Hvat hafim, Sjǫfn, at sitja,
seims’ (mælti þat) ‘heima?’
(elda njótr við ítra
ulfvíns konu sína).
‘Eigum oss at lægja,
einn réttr þvíat goð beinir,
— reyndrs, sás stríð má standask
stórfarnaði órum.’

‘Hvat hafim, Sjǫfn seims, at sitja heima?’; njótr elda ulfvíns mælti þat við ítra konu sína. ‘Eigum at lægja oss, þvíat einn réttr goð beinir farnaði órum; reyndrs, sás má standask stór stríð.’

‘What do we gain, Sjǫfn <goddess> of gold [WOMAN], by staying at home?’; the user of the fires of wolf-wine [BLOOD > SWORDS > WARRIOR] said that to his splendid wife. ‘We must humble ourselves because the one true God furthers our fortune; that one is well-proven who can endure great distresses.’



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