Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Anon Pl 13VII/5 — réð ‘gave’

Hús brutu heip*tar fúsir
— hófsk freistni svá — þjófar;
út bôru þeir aura
ǫldurmanns ór ranni.
Ǫll réð flærðar fellir
fétjón, þaus beið ljóna
— snauðr varð* ôrr at auði
unnblakks — goði þakka.

Þjófar fúsir heip*tar brutu hús; svá hófsk freistni; þeir bôru aura út ór ǫldurmanns ranni. Fellir ljóna flærðar réð þakka goði ǫll fétjón, þaus beið; ôrr unnblakks varð* snauðr at auði.

Thieves eager for harm broke into the house; thus the trial began; they carried valuables out of the nobleman’s house. The destroyer of men’s falsehood [HOLY MAN] gave thanks to God for all the losses which he suffered; the messenger of the wave-horse [SHIP > SEAFARER] became bereft of wealth.



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