Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Anon Pét 45VII/3 — af ‘from’

Metr líkn guðs og ljótan
löst* sinn vánar trausti
smurðr af greina garði
gegn brásteina regni.
Enn frá öðrum mönnum
allþrútinn fór úti
angrs; var einn í gaungu
ótt til grafar dróttins.

Gegn, smurðr regni brásteina af garði greina, metr guðs líkn og ljótan löst* sinn trausti vánar. Enn allþrútinn angrs fór úti frá öðrum mönnum; einn var í gaungu ótt til grafar dróttins.

The upright man, anointed with rain of eyelash-stones [EYES > TEARS] from the enclosure of wits [BREAST], considers God’s mercy and his own ugly sin with the support of hope. Still swollen with grief, he was walking outside, away from other men; alone he made his way quickly to the Lord’s grave.


[3] af garði greina ‘from the enclosure of wits [BREAST]’: See NN §1747. Cf. Arngr Gd 3/4IV í minnis garði ‘in the enclosure of memory’ (SnE 1998, 108/25-7; Meissner, 136-7). Kock compares st. 43/4 gleði tárkveiktan steðja ‘anvil of joy moved to tears [HEART]’, and the OE Andreas (Brooks 1961) 1277-9: þa cwom wopes hring þurh þæs beornes breost blat ut faran ‘and then a pale ring of weeping came forth from the man’s breast’.



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