Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Anon Pét 40VII/5 — Gietr ‘He is not able’

Vildi hlýðni halda
háleitr trúar veitir
enn og mála minniz
meistara síns í freistni.
Gietr sieð við sútum,
— svá unni lífs brunni
heitt — á sár, þau er settu
sárleitir guði várum.

Háleitr veitir trúar vildi enn halda hlýðni og minniz í freistni mála meistara síns. Gietr sieð við sútum, á sár, þau er sárleitir settu várum guði; svá heitt unni brunni lífs.

The sublime dispenser of faith [APOSTLE] still wished to practise obedience and in temptation remembers the words of his master. He is not able to guard against sorrows, to look upon those wounds which the cruel ones inflicted on our God; so ardently did he love the well of life.


[5] Gietr: Getr eigi 621


[5] gietr ‘He is not able’: Ms. ‘Getr eigi’. Kock proposes this emendation, or to gat eigi, to improve the scansion (NN §2881). In a C14th text, a reading Gietr ei might also be possible. See Fritzner: ei adv. 2 ikke ‘not’; LP: ei.



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