Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Anon Pét 34VII/4 — lykku ‘bliss’

Veitt hefir virðing drottinn
ver líka sier ríkastr
postula prýði ið næsta
píslardrykk með lykku.
Krosstrie hátt með Kristo
kannar Pétr og annarr
bróðir hans, þvíað báðum
blóm píslanna sómir.

Ríkastr drottinn hefir veitt ver, prýði postula, virðing líka sier ið næsta, píslardrykk með lykku. Pétr og annarr, bróðir hans, kannar með Kristo hátt krosstrie, þvíað blóm píslanna sómir báðum.

The most powerful Lord has granted to the man, the adornment [adorner?] of the Apostles, an honour very nearly like his own, a drink of martyrdom with bliss. Peter and another, his brother, come to know with Christ the high cross-tree, because the flower of martyrdoms befits them both.


[4] lykku: ‘liku’ 621


[4] með lykku ‘with bliss’: Finnur Jónsson (Skj B) retains ms. ‘liku’ and paraphrases ll. 3-4: en pinsels drik, der kommer hans nærmest i lighed(?) ‘a drink of martyrdom which comes closest in similarity to his (?)’. Cf. LP: líkr, where ið næsta með líku is rendered omtrent i lige grad ‘almost equally’. As Kock points out (NN §1736), l. 4 lacks aðalhending; so he proposes emending ms. liku to lykku, dat. sg. of lykka ‘good fortune, happiness, bliss’ (< MLG (ge)lucke; see NN §1729 and Notes to sts 28/8, 29/8, 30/5; cf. Fritzner: lukka, lykka; Falk-Torp 1960: lykke). Kock compares the contrast of píslardrykk með lykku with st. 28/7-8 písl ... í blóði, rís að paradísum ‘martyrdom ... in blood; he ascends to Paradise’ and notes some parallels at NN §2997C.



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