Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Anon Pét 33VII/5 — Leyndi ‘concealed’

Annanías lá inni,
áðr, lífhnugginn náða,
drýgði hann löst í lygðum;
laun kómu sannlig raunar.
Leyndi Saphíra og sýndi
sumt verð akurs skerði*
(riettr dómr hefir dottið)
dress (yfir hjónin þessi).

Annanías lá inni, lífhnugginn náða; áðr drýgði hann löst í lygðum; raunar kómu sannlig laun. Saphíra leyndi og sýndi sumt verð akurs skerði* dress; riettr dómr hefir dottið yfir hjónin þessi.

Ananias lay indoors, bereft of life’s favours [lit. life-bereft of favours]; previously he had committed sin through falsehoods; fitting retributions came indeed. Sapphira concealed and showed [only] part of the amount for the field to the diminisher of arrogance [HOLY MAN]; a just judgement has fallen upon this married couple.



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