Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Anon Pét 27VII/8 — sterka ‘strong’

Pétrus princeps heitir
postulanna — sannaz
‘Céphás’, þýðiz þvísa
það nafn eða ‘steinn’ — jafnan.
Sælan * sunnu deilir
siðspenni kvað þenna
mest fyr tólf, þá er treysta
trú verk, hluti sterka.

Pétrus heitir jafnan princeps postulanna; sannaz ‘Céphás’, það nafn þýðiz þvísa eða ‘steinn’. Deilir sunnu * kvað þenna siðspenni sælan mest fyr tólf sterka hluti, þá er treysta trú verk.

Peter is always called the prince of Apostles; he is proven [to be] ‘Cephas’, that name is interpreted in this way or ‘stone’. The ruler of the sun [= God (= Christ)] said that this virtue-clasper [APOSTLE] was blessed most for twelve strong things which bolster faithful deeds.



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