Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Anon Pét 26VII/1 — Sjau ‘seven’

Sjau sinnum bauð sanna
sök meingerðum aukinn
Pétro löst fyrirláta
lofta gramr eða oftar.
Satt kvaz segja drottinn
sínum vin og tínir:
‘Sjautigum sakar eigi
sjau sinnum þier minniz!’

Gramr lofta bauð Pétro fyrirláta sanna sök, löst aukinn meingerðum, sjau sinnum eða oftar. Drottinn kvaz segja satt sínum vin og tínir: ‘Sjautigum sinnum sjau minniz þier eigi sakar!’

The king of heavens [= God (= Christ)] commanded Peter to forgive a true offence, a sin augmented by injuries, seven times or more often. The Lord said that he spoke the truth to his friend and declares: ‘Seventy times seven [times] be not mindful of an offence!’



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