Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Anon Pét 13VII/1 — hæstan ‘the highest’

Baptista* hlaut hæstan
háleitr skírnarmála
veg, sá er, lasta lægir,
lífs greinum fremr sveina.
Sýn tjár fingri frænda
fystr, og iðran lysti,
guð; tveir fyrðar fróðir
fóru í brott með drotni.

Háleitr Baptista*, lægir lasta, sá er fremr sveina greinum lífs, hlaut hæstan veg skírnarmála. Fystr tjár sýn fingri, frænda guð, og lysti iðran; tveir fróðir fyrðar fóru í brott með drotni.

The sublime Baptist, oppressor of vices [HOLY MAN], who advances [his] disciples in the teachings of life, obtained the highest honour of baptisms. He reveals first the sight with his finger, [that] his kinsman [is] God, and he desired repentance; two wise men went away with the Lord.



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