Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Anon Nkt 40II/5 — réð* ‘ruled’

Tók friðsamr
til fǫðurleifðar
ok ársæll
Óláfr kyrri.
réð* gramr
grýttri foldu
samfast ve*tr
sjau ok tuttugu.

Friðsamr ok ársæll Óláfr kyrri tók til fǫðurleifðar. Sá gramr réð* grýttri foldu samfast sjau ok tuttugu ve*tr.

Peaceful and prosperous Óláfr kyrri (‘the Quiet’) assumed his paternal inheritance. That lord ruled the rocky ground continuously for seven and twenty years.


[5] réð*: ræðr Flat


[5] réð* ‘ruled’: The Flat form of this verb, ræðr, is 3rd pers. sg. pres. indic. (‘rules’), which makes no sense in the context.



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