Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Anon Nkt 35II/7 — Krists ‘Krist’

Vas harmdauðr
hverjum manni
fylkir fœrðr,
þars * faðir hvílir.
Sá vas norðr
í Nóregi
Krists * kirkju
konungmaðr grafinn.

Fylkir, harmdauðr hverjum manni, vas fœrðr, þars * faðir hvílir. Sá konungmaðr vas grafinn * Kristskirkju norðr í Nóregi.

The leader, whose death was lamented by all men, was brought back to where his father rests. That king was buried in Kristkirken north in Norway.


[7] Krists * kirkju: Krists at kirkju Flat


[7] * Kristskirkju (f. dat. or gen. sg.) ‘in Kristkirken’: Krists at kirkju (lit. ‘Christ’s at Church’; so Flat) renders the l. as fornyrðislag rather than kviðuháttr, and most earlier eds delete the prep., assuming a loc. dat. or gen. (see NS §§117, 141). For the translation ‘in Kristkirken’ see NN §2808. See also Note to st. 31 [All].



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