Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Anon Nkt 17II/5 — réð ‘ruled’

Tók harðráðr
ept Harald fallinn
Hôkon jarl
við Hárs vífi.
réð tyggi
ok tuttugu
þrettán vetr
Þundar beðju.

Harðráðr Hôkon jarl tók við vífi Hárs ept Harald fallinn. Sá tyggi réð beðju Þundar þrettán ok tuttugu vetr.

Harsh-ruling Hákon jarl received Hárr’s <= Óðinn’s> wife [= Jǫrð (jǫrð ‘earth’)] after Haraldr’s death. That lord ruled Þundr’s <= Óðinn’s> bedmate [= Jǫrð (jǫrð ‘earth’)] for thirteen and twenty years.


[5] sá réð tyggi ‘that lord ruled’: The l. is in fornyrðislag rather than in kviðuháttr metre. Kock (NN §3244) suggests the emendation of tyggi ‘lord’ to the unattested adj. týgildr (lit. ‘god-splendid’).



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