Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Anon Nkt 16II/5 — Réð ‘ruled’

Þá hefk heyrt,
at Haraldr tœki
jǫrð ok ríki.
Réð Gráfeldr
níu vetr
fyr Nóregi,
áðr * Gorms sonr
ok Gull-Haraldr
nafna sinn
at nái gerði.
Vas siklingr
suðr at Halsi
lífi ræntr
í Limafirði.

Þá hefk heyrt, at Haraldr, óársæll, tœki jǫrð ok ríki. Gráfeldr Gunnhildarson réð fyr Nóregi níu vetr, áðr * sonr Gorms ok Gull-Haraldr gerði nafna sinn at nái. Siklingr vas ræntr lífi suðr at Halsi í Limafirði.

Then I have heard that Haraldr, not blessed with prosperity, seized land and realm. Gráfeldr (‘Grey-cloak’) Gunnhildarson ruled Norway for nine years before Gormr’s son and Gull-Haraldr (‘Gold-Haraldr’) turned their namesake into a corpse. The ruler was robbed of his life south by Hals in Limfjorden.



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