Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Anon Mv III 7VII/6 — stóð ‘overtook’

Enn fór hann eitt sinn
ofanvert nætrrof
heiman yfir stórstraum;
strangan efldi foss gang.
Farið gjörðiz fult nær,
flóðið þar er hann stóð;
leynir óttaz líftjón
lýta, ef skipið brýtr.

Enn fór hann eitt sinn ofanvert nætrrof heiman yfir stórstraum; foss efldi strangan gang. Farið gjörðiz nær fult, þar er flóðið stóð hann; leynir lýta óttaz líftjón, ef skipið brýtr.

Again he went one time at the end of the night’s retreat from home across the mighty stream; the torrent gathered a strong current. The vessel became almost full, because the flooding overtook him; the concealer of sins [NEGLIGENT PRIEST] fears life-loss if the ship breaks.


[6] þar er flóðið stóð hann ‘because the flooding overtook him’: Skj A mistakenly resolves the abbreviation þar er ‘where’ (so 721) as það er ‘that which’. That forces the emendation of gjörðiz ‘became’ (l. 1) to gjörði ‘made’ and gives the following reading: Það flóðið, er stóð hann, gjörði farið nær fult ‘That flooding, which overtook him, made the vessel almost full’ (so Skj B; Skald; Wrightson).



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